Zaccheus / Sacred Heart Humanitarian Respite Center

Zaccheus / Sacred Heart Humanitarian Respite Center

by Sr. Pamela Buganski

There is little privacy in the crowd at the Sacred Heart Humanitarian Respite Center.  So when I looked up and saw a teenage refugee boy sitting quietly on a pile of bricks in an isolated area at the side of the center, I did not want to make him move.  I approached him instead and asked if he would help me.  Our journey of transformation together began.

He followed me through the crowd into a small storage room that was in disarray.  Our task was to make some order out of the chaos.  Basically, I would find a task and he would carry it out.  After we had worked briskly for a considerable time, we stopped to break bread together.  I found a small bag of trail mix; we broke it open; we shared the treat.  I took this opportunity to talk with him a bit in my best Spanish.  I asked where he was from and his eyes lit up when I could say that I had lived in his country of Guatemala and that I had loved it there.  We went back to work.

I left him later with a bottle of water and a can of Coke that we had found.  But we both parted with much more than that.

Pray for these families.

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