A Message From Sister Sujita…

Greetings of peace and hope.

So many of you responded with genuine concerns, warmth and promise regarding the devastating deluge, the landslides and destruction that changed the face of the most developed and flourishing State of Kerala, India last month.  The real cost of all the destruction caused by over 30 overflowing rivers, 34 ready-to-burst dams (which had to be opened), and over two months of non-stop torrential rains that battered the State, is yet to be calculated.

Almost two million, many of whom were comfortable middle-class people and also many poor and ordinary people have lost everything…many have no homes to go back to.  All of the animals, farms and the entire property have vanished forever.

Due to super planning and quality disaster management, incredible unity, courage, creativity, and the heroic, state-of-the-art rescue operations and also the continuing caring attitudes of even those seriously affected by the floods have made the world stop and observe how Kerala handled and continues to handle the aftermath of the most horrible flood of the century.

Thank you for your prayers, concern and support. Several family members of our Sisters have lost everything. There are hundreds of thousands of people still in the relief camps. But rehabilitation is going on well. My own family did not suffer much. However, my brothers have lost most of their crops, especially black pepper and cardamon. But they are happy they are Alive! The family of one farm worker of my brother was washed away in the landslide. Very sad, indeed. Getting Kerala back to the level of development where it was when this disaster happened will be a long and tedious process that will need so much scientific planning, financial input and all else that goes with rebuilding from the start. Let us continue to walk with our people trusting in the loving providence of God, goodness of human hearts and in the power of a shared vision and solidarity. Thanks a million!

Sujita, SND




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