Thinking about becoming a sister?

clarineyoungWelcome! We’re glad you are interested in learning about the Sisters of Notre Dame and consecrated religious life.

Throughout the Scriptures we are reminded time and again that God has a unique design for each of our lives.  How you respond to God’s call will determine the choices you make and can ultimately lead to your happiness and fulfillment. Far from being a guessing game in which God dangles your happiness before you, discerning your vocation is about listening intently to God’s deepest desires for you.

To the right you will see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the typical stages of formation women go through when they decide to enter a religious community.


Click here to Read about how Sr. Marie Christine realized religious life was for her!

Or, click below listen to our sisters explain their journey to religious life:
How did you tell your family you were entering the convent? 
How often do Sisters see their families?
Continual discernment
We hope you will get to know us, visit us, join us in prayer and at Liturgies, and find out what our daily life is like.

You can also volunteer with us in the summer!

Contact Sr. Jennifer Marie Zimmerman with questions or to talk about religious life and being a Sister of Notre Dame – email:

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