Care of Sisters

Many Sisters of Notre Dame, regardless of age never retire!

As Sister of Notre Dame move from more active ministries into ministries of prayer, presence and praise they enter Rosary Care or Ursuline health care centers where they receive skilled nursing care in a safe, enriching environment. Faced with rising health care costs, the sister’s retirement and disability benefits alone are not enough to cover nursing care, prescriptions, or new medical equipment. Your contribution to the Continuing Care of the Sisters Fund ensures that the elderly sisters can cover their basic living and health care expenses, as well as any necessary medical equipment.


Sisters of Notre Dame Center

Thirty-eight Sisters of Notre Dame moved to the Sisters of Notre Dame Center on the Lial campus in Whitehouse, Ohio, in December 2015. Many of these Sisters are involved in less-demanding ministries and continue to enjoy independent living. The SND Center has four homes each accommodating ten sisters, connected to a central area with a Chapel, craft room, library, reflection room, music rooms and conference center.

Throughout their lives our sisters have made God’s love visible to so many people who might otherwise have been unwanted, unloved, and forgotten. Please help us care for these sisters as they age and when they become infirm. A gift in any amount will help defray the cost of their care.

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