Monday, April 15th

“The elders of the people, chief priests and scribes, arose and brought Jesus before Pilate. They brought charges against him, saying, ‘We found this man misleading our people; he opposes the payment of taxes to Caesar and maintains that he is the Christ, a King.’ Pilate asked him, ‘Are you the king of the Jews?’ He said to him in reply, ‘You say so.’ Pilate then addressed the chief priests and the crowds, ‘I find this man not guilty.’ But they were adamant and said, ‘He is inciting the people with his teaching throughout all Judea, from Galilee where he began even to here.’

On hearing this Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean; and upon learning that he was under Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod who was in Jerusalem at that time. Herod was very glad to see Jesus; he had been wanting to see him for a long time, for he had heard about him and had been hoping to see him perform some sign. He questioned him at length, but he gave him no answer. The chief priests and scribes, meanwhile, stood by accusing him harshly. Herod and his soldiers treated him contemptuously and mocked him, and after clothing him in resplendent garb, he sent him back to Pilate.”

Sit with the underlying causes of Pilate and Herod’s problem with Jesus.
What does that consideration evoke in you?
How can you be a support to Jesus today when His values are undermined?

Heritage word—“By communion in Christ’s sufferings we prolong his redemption in the world through the Church.”
(Sister Mary Arthur, 7th Provincial of the Toledo Province)

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