Sunday Gospel

Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Lent: John 9:1-41 (short form is used here)

“As Jesus walked along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. Jesus spat on the ground, made mud with his saliva, and smeared the man’s eyes with the mud.  Then he told him, ‘Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.’ . . . So the man went off and washed, and came back able to see.

 His neighbors and the people who had been accustomed to see him begging began to ask, ‘Isn’t this the fellow who used to sit and beg?’ Some were claiming it was he; others maintained it was not but someone who looked like him.  The man himself said, ‘I’m the one, all right.’

Next, they took the man who had been born blind, to the Pharisees . . . The Pharisees, in turn began to inquire how he had recovered his sight. He told them, ‘He put mud on my eyes.  I washed it off, and now I can see.’  This prompted some of the Pharisees to assert, ‘This man cannot be from God because he does not keep the Sabbath.’  Others objected, ‘If a man is a sinner, how can he perform signs like these?’  They were sharply divided over him.  Then they addressed the blind man again:  ‘Since it was your eyes he opened, what do you have to say about him?’  ‘He is a prophet,’ he replied.

‘What!’ they exclaimed, ‘You are steeped in sin from your birth, and you are giving us lectures?’ With that they threw him out bodily.

When Jesus heard of his expulsion, he sought him out and asked him, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ He answered, ‘Who is he, sir, that I may believe in him?’  ‘You have seen him,’ Jesus replied.  ‘He is speaking to you now.’  ‘I do believe, Lord,’ he said, and bowed down to worship him.”

What is your inner feeling after prayerfully reading this account?

Remain with that, knowing that God has touched your soul.

What does God seem to be asking of you as a result of this reflection?

Heritage word“Words inspire; example impels.”

(Sr. Mary Aloysia, Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame)


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