Thursday Gospel

“It happened that one of the Twelve, Thomas (the name means ‘Twin’), was absent when Jesus came. The other disciples kept telling him:  ‘We have seen the Lord!’  His answer was, ‘I’ll never believe it without probing the nail-prints in his hands, without putting my finger in the nail-marks and my hand into his side.’”

When have you noticed a “doubting Thomas” in yourself?

What occasionally causes you to doubt Jesus’ words or actions in your life?

In the depths of your heart, ask for the grace to be more open to the mysteries of God in your life.

Heritage word—“Each of us has to learn to accept the various stumbling blocks and absurdities of our own characters and situations as a sign, not of defeat, nor of absence of the Lord, but of His powerful presence.”

(Sister Mary Louise Ann, 8th Provincial of the Toledo Province)

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