Papua New Guinea

SND Ministries: Notre Dame Secondary School

More than 7,000 young women have gone through Notre Dame Secondary School in Papua New Guinea since the Sisters of Notre Dame opened the school in 1969. Conflicts in the region create financial needs. A current concern for the sisters in Papua New Guinea is that about 15% of Notre Dame Secondary School students come from families involved in tribal fighting and could benefit greatly from a partial scholarship to cover their tuition and fees. Another 45% of the students come from subsistent farm families with little or no source of income.  These young women too would greatly appreciate school fee assistance. Some young women receive partial scholarships and others participate in a work-study program to earn their way.

Shalom Care Center is a respite center where the sisters help men, women and children infected or affected by the AIDS virus. The sisters have been leaders in forming a national AIDS awareness education program to communicate prevention and management of the disease.

Maria Kwin Resource Center offers adult learning with year-round courses in Scripture, agricultural studies, cooking, sewing, literacy and health care.

A House of Formation for national sisters is also maintained for national women who are considering religious life. This is a sign of hope for the life of the church in PNG. The young women who feel called to become sisters are also boarders living with the Sisters of Notre Dame. Living expenses and tuition associated women in Initial Formation are high because of their need for advanced education.

There are eight indigenous Sisters of Notre Dame ministering in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The sisters minister in the Western Highlands of PNG: Kumdi, Mt. Hagen and Banz. The Sisters of Notre Dame have been leaders in education since their arrival in PNG in 1961.

How can you help? Consider sponsoring the education of a Sister in ministry in Papua New Guinea. Or, sponsor a woman in initial formation who is preparing to become a Sister of Notre Dame!

For sponsorship information, please contact: Ashley Hatch, Director of Donor Relations, The Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo Province 3912 Sunforest Court Suite B, Toledo, OH  43623   phone:419-479-3093.


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