Pastoral / Parish

Campus ministry: Sisters have a unique responsibility to enhance the presence and ministry of the Church in Catholic high schools and within higher education, thus influencing the future of the Church and society with the Gospel message. By providing opportunities for spiritual growth and community service, sisters in campus ministry can touch the hearts of those they serve.

reginaParish ministries: Pastoral ministries are vital in the life of the parish. Many Sisters serve as pastoral associates visiting the sick and homebound, caring, sharing and working with many parishioners in need.

Other Sisters of Notre Dame serve in parish catechetics with children or adults.  Some serve in Adult Faith Formation and RCIA where they introduce adults to the Roman Catholic faith and invite them to deepen their life of discipleship.

Pastoral Leadership is a unique ministry in which our sisters serve a single parish or sometimes serve clustered parishes because fewer priests are available and oftentimes oversee numerous parishes, relying on women religious and laity to manage the daily operations at individual parish locations. The pastoral leader is really the parish life leader.

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