Planned Giving

Thank you for your support of the Sisters of Notre Dame, which helps us share God’s compassionate love withcynthia_2013 people of all faiths and cultures. Gifts made through current funds or as a part of an estate plan provide the resources necessary to continue our mission and serve people more effectively. We hope you find this website helpful in finding a giving option that fits your long-term goals for the Sisters of Notre Dame and your family.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is a method that allows the maximum use of your charitable donations. It often enables you to make a gift initially thought to be beyond your means. Depending on circumstances, estate planning may also involve state and federal tax advantages.

Did you know . . .

  • nearly 70% of Americans die without a current will?
  • the state has a plan for the distribution of your estate if you don’t?
  • estate taxes start at 37% after your lifetime exemption (now at $650,000) and can go as high as 60%?
  • large gifts to grandchildren can be taxed at an additional 55%?
  • retirement funds are both subject to death taxes and income taxes, often leaving as little as 25% for heirs?

Please remember: A current will helps carry out wishes after death. If there is no will, a court may divide and decide one’s assets.

What are the benefits to you? Careful planning can diminish or even eliminate income taxes (including capital gains) and transfer taxes (gift, estate, and inheritance).

Some ways to give: Bequests, deferred gift annuities, trusts, life insurance, and retirement/pension funds are some easy ways to donate. Note: these are not all the options. The donor should work with a professional financial advisor, an estate planner, or attorney.

You can make a contribution to the Sisters of Notre Dame by designating it as a beneficiary in your will, living trust, life insurance or retirement plan account. Our legal title is:  The Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio. Here is sample language you can use in your will or trust in order to leave a gift:

“I leave to the Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio
the sum of $_____
[or] the following described property _________________
[or] ___% of the reside of my estate.”

To receive more information, please contact:

Partnership For Mission Office
Sisters of Notre Dame, Toledo, Ohio
3837 Secor
Toledo, OH 43623

Phone us at 419-724-1352.



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