Welcome ~ to a new Associate season!

 Assoc_flowersDear Associates, we are called to be hope-filled presence in this world.  Our hope stands upon faith which comes to each one of us as gift of God’s grace.  Our call is to respond to this gift wherever we are in life, at whatever age or circumstance.

 Pondering in quiet prayer my response to these rich gifts, a peaceful Presence assures me that each day as I step out in faith, the presence of Jesus flows through me.  I needn’t be concerned if I am “doing it right or correctly.”  I only need to be faithful.  Isn’t this what we care called to?  It’s God’s doing to touch souls.  We are God’s conductors!  Hope flows through each one of us.

 As I leave for work I pray for the grace to be hope-filled presence to my co-workers, especially the ones in need.  Then I am open to God’s leading.  As a Hospice Home volunteer, I carry the presence of Jesus into the room of every patient I visit.  In spoken words and often in silence, heartfelt prayer, hope, fills the room.  Each patient is entrusted into the Healer’s Arms.

 Dear Associates, consider your calling to be a hope-filled presence.  Sit quietly with Jesus and Mary.  Be open to new ways of responding.  Our world is needy and we live in abundant grace.  Be firm in faith, hope, and love.

Pam Vincent

SND Associate ~ Fort Wayne, IN

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