Migrant Ministry

two_2013Every summer the Sisters of Notre Dame sponsor a Migrant Ministry program inviting high school and college-aged women to tutor migrant children whose parents are working daily in the fields of northwest Ohio.

Teaching in New Orleans

Sisters of Notre Dame offer BrainPower to Kindergarten and First Grade students at St. Mary Academy. Sr. Mary Ellen Schroeder says that BrainPower is a mental workout for students. “We hope the mental training helps the students perform better in the classroom and in every other part of their life,” she added. The BrainPower training program being used can help any student strengthen their mental skills and unleash unlimited learning potential.

Immigration and Social Justiceconstance

Sisters were involved with social justice and immigration work  in Corpus Christi Texas at The Ark, an Emergency Shelter for children, Dismas Charities. Currently a sister is in South Texas ministering to those at the Mexican border waiting to be reunited with their families.

Where else do we go?

Our sisters are also active in many other areas such as providing a Bible study ministry at the Toledo Correctional Center,  volunteering at Hospice, visiting the home bound and sick of many local parishes and in working with parish youth.

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