Outreach for Love

When Sister Mary Susanna Weaver arrived to work at Shelby Help Line Ministries in Richland County, Ohio, Sheryl Cramer, Director of the facility, said it was “like peace came in the door.” “I feel like Sister. Susanna has the most important job in the facility,” said Sheryl. “She is the first person that everyone sees when they walk in the door. For many, this is one of the worst stages of their life. Sister Susanna greets them with peace and love. She prays with clients if that is what they need. She loves the people just as they are.”

Shelby Help Line is a non-profit organization that helps residents with financial aid, clothing, furniture, medical equipment, and school supplies. The organization also offers GED and budgeting classes, and a food pantry. Free meals are offered through Shelby Help Line at First United Methodist Church on Thursdays. The Help Line also assists with the Community Christmas Program, collecting food, linens, and toys for underprivileged families.

Shelby Help Line opened its doors in 1978, as part of the Shelby Christian Outreach. Several hundred volunteers help make sure everyone who needs assistance in Shelby receives it. Many of the area church families, along with foundations and businesses also help provide funding for the Help Line.

“We begin each day with prayer, as prayer is so essential,” added Sheryl. “Sister Susanna provides such Godly insight through her deep connection with the Lord. This is what makes the difference in how we serve and those we serve.”

“Sister Susanna is beyond helpful and goes in many different directions all day long.”

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