Serving the Forgotten

There is a backlog of more than half a million immigration cases waiting to be heard in the United States. Sr. Liz and Sr. Mary Jo Toll are just two of several sisters who are completing the accreditation process so they can help families with the volume of paperwork and steps that they must complete for approval by the Department of Justice. It’s a lengthy and complicated process.

Sr. Mary Jo, who works out of an office at SS. Peter & Paul Church, used to travel to Mexico each year to teach catechism and minister to migrant workers who came to the U.S. She understands their motivation, culture, and desire to be part of our country. “These are intelligent, resourceful people. They contribute about $80,000 more each year than they receive. They bring a sense of family, faith and hospitality and a work ethic unlike any other. The Sisters of Notre Dame are contributing an enormous service with immigration and naturalization work. Attorneys charge thousands of dollars to do this kind of work. We have four paralegals working nonstop to help with all of the applications.”

“I am extremely grateful to have been born into U.S. citizenship. I keep my arms open wide to those who want to come here.”

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