Spreading Love Internationally


“Our visit to Indonesia was really to give a retreat to the Sisters,” says Sr. Mary Ann. “I gave an in-service to the faculty and staff on an educational topic. My impression of our schools in Indonesia is that the faculty and staff very much want to continue to educate students for life and to serve as “change agents” in the world, which is one of the pillars of Notre Dame education. So they are working very hard to continue to develop themselves professionally to better serve their students. Indonesia is a HIGHLY MUSLIM country, so our Sisters work very hard to build positive and effective working relationships with all the people in their hospitals, parishes, and schools.”

Sr. Mary Ann also explains what is most important about their roles as General Councilors. “We support, encourage and help the Sisters in each country to serve in ways that are most effective in their country and to serve in places where the need is greatest.”


There next stop was Bangalore, India to the Teacher Training College. “The Sisters own and operate this program which is a two year program that educates women to be teachers here. The women in the picture with us are students of the College. They are showing us art items they made as part of their teacher education classes. “College” is not used in the way we might refer to it. It is a program of about 40 women, some single, some married and some Sisters from other communities. However, it is a fully recognized program for training teachers and graduates quickly get positions. Teacher development has always been close to us SND as educators, and India really took the “bull by the horns” in starting this program many years ago.”


Sr. Mary Ann Culpert & Sr. Kathleen Burns with students at the Teacher Training College in Bangalore, India.


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