Who are we?

From the beginning of our congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame, compelled by our love for Jesus and His mission, have responded to the needs of the times with courage and creativity. Each of us has a unique story that brought us here.

Sr. Mary Lizette Hoevel

“I was in the 1st grade when I first started thinking about being a Sister and was a senior in high school when my former 8th grade teacher suggested I go to Toledo to attend a “Come and See” weekend. Now I’ve been a sister for 26 years.

I studied special education at St. Francis College in Fort Wayne, IN and received my Master’s Degree from the University of Toledo.  I recently completed my Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Ministry from St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland, OH.

One of my favorite ministries has been with  L’Arche (L’Arche enables people with and without disabilities to share their lives in communities of faith and friendship).  L’Arche community members are transformed through relationships of mutuality, respect, and companionship as they live, work, pray, and play together.

Sr. Kerstin Maria Deubel

“I was in the 4th grade when I first began thinking about becoming a Sister.  When I grew up and spent time with the Sisters of Notre Dame, I felt at home with them. I began to understand that the Sisters helped others, and prayed, ate, and had fun together.  There was a strength in carrying out the mission in community, and I wanted to be a part of that. Now I’ve been a sister for 24 years.

“Before I became a sister I was an Certified Nursing Assistant (C.A.N.) in a home for mentally and physically challenged kids and a respite care worker for handicapped children. I later studied education at the College of DuPage in Illinois and Notre Dame College. Then I received my Master’s Degree from Bowling Green State University.”

Sr. Mary Elizabeth Garcia

“I was in the 8th grade and I started listening to a Sister tell stories about the Sisterhood.  In my freshmen year I went for a visit to Notre Dame.  So being around Sisters of Notre Dame all my life (they were my teachers my whole education in school) influenced me to become a sister. I’ve been a sister for 49 years.

“I have ministered in Nicaragua, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and St. Mary’s and St. Ann’s parishes in Toledo’s central city. I’ve also enjoyed teaching and working in the rural Parishes of Leipsic, Napoleon, Fremont and Fostoria, Ohio. Because I am fluent in Spanish I can teach English as a second language to immigrants.

“When it comes to having fun, I like to swim, to walk, to cross stitch and to bring people together for fun and good times!”


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